Policies & Guidelines

Our faculty members welcome you to our new and exciting season at BDC.  We are very proud of our family friendly atmosphere and dedication to our students’ dance education.  BDC’s goal is to produce the highest level quality of dance training and syllabus work.  We strive for an environment where all of our students will make lifelong friends and fall in love with the world of Dance.  To accomplish our goal we ask you to read and follow the studio Policies and Guidelines.

  1. Parents are requested to pick up their child(ren) promptly at the end of class. At the end of a dance class it is not up to the TDV teachers or staff to monitor students, as another class will be in session.
  2. Students should arrive dressed according to the dress code with all necessary hair accessories and shoes. Hair is to be worn back off the face for all classes. Ballet students are required to wear their hair in a bun. Staff does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or misplaced items.  If a student is not in dress code it is at the teacher’s discretion to not allow the student to participate.
  3. Students are expected to act appropriately during class and not disrupt their teachers or other students. Parents will be notified if their child is misbehaving or causing a disruption during class. If further disruption occurs we will set a meeting to discuss how to commence.
  4. If a student needs to be excused during class for any reason, they must ask permission. No child will be released of their own accord. For early dismissal, parents must make prior arrangements with the teacher and front desk staff.
  5. Please notify the studio in advance of a class absence.
  6. Missed classes will not be made up and no refund will be issued.
  7. Fees for classes missed due to illness, vacation or whatever personal reason will not be refunded. This is regardless of whether the class is private or group, or if the teacher has been informed.
  8. All classes will begin and end on time and students are expected to be on time. Please be respectful of your teacher and fellow dancers. It is expected that all dancers make a commitment to come to class regularly, on time, in studio uniform and ready to work together as a team.
  9. Once a dance term begins no refund will be permitted.  To cancel your class please submit in writing two weeks prior to the end of term.
  10. Parents must make an appointment through the studio directors to speak with a teacher. We ask parents not to approach a teacher in between classes out of respect for the other students waiting to begin class.
  11. Gum chewing is not permitted in the classroom or reception area.
  12. Students and siblings must be supervised at all times.
  13. Any students or siblings of students who damage or deface studio property will be in charge of cleaning or payment for repairs.
  14. Studio washrooms and change rooms must be kept clean. Food is not permitted in the change rooms. Students are ONLY permitted to have WATER BOTTLES in the studios. We encourage students to use reusable water bottles and recycle plastic water bottles at home.
  15. A level of RESPECT is expected by all Students, Parents and Guests. TDV Staff reserves the right to enforce proper studio etiquette.
  16. Parents are welcome to view classes when the studio door is open. Doors will be open according to each teacher.  We will have assigned days to audit classes.  Please watch the board and website for these updates. Parents are not permitted to open a studio door while class is in process.  If needed you may ask the front desk staff to interrupt the class.  If there is a disturbance or distraction to the class,  the door will be closed.
  17. All tuition is to be paid  in accordance with the terms in our fee schedule. Outstanding fees will be assessed a 10% late charge. All NSF cheques will be assessed a $25.00 penalty.
  18. All deposits are non-refundable
  19. Students will be measured for costumes in November or December. Any students requiring a special order or size may be subject to additional charges. Costumes must be purchased in order to participate in the year-end recital. Costumes do not include required tights or shoes.
  20. All accounts must be up to date in order that year end recital tickets are made available.