This is a fun, energetic class. Classes strive to improve flexibility, coordination and core strength, while working on technique, jumps and turns.


Using the rhythm and beat of the music, Tap teaches students how to use their feet as an instrument in coordinating percussive beats in conjunction with the music.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique. It is necessary to strengthen skills leaned in all other dance styles. Ballet strengthens a dancer’s balance, strength and poise by following a structured discipline.  Ballet is a mandatory course for our competitive dancers twice per week and is strongly recommended to all other dancers.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre uses acting and dancing to tell a story throughout your dance routine.  This class is perfect for the actor in your family.  They will also learn basic Jazz and acting skills.

Acro/Tumbling classes

Acro is a combination of Dance and Gymnastics. Students will learn an array of tricks as well as use their dance technique learned in their Jazz Class. Our studio also offers a Tumbling Class which will focus on Acro Tricks and Tumbling Passes.

Hip Hop

Adding an urban element to the studio, Hip Hop was developed from street dance and is most commonly used in Music Videos. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. Hip hop is a high energy and fast paced dance class that is great for all ages. Breakdancing is another element of urban styles and adds power moves to Hip Hop Dance.

Boys superhero

This class takes the superheroes your boys love and combines it with aspects of Hip Hop and Jazz. They will be given capes and will learn a Superhero themed dance for the year end recital. This class will be taught by one of our male instructors.

Diaper Dancers

This is a half our class that will foster and grow your little ones love for dance.  We will learn about basic techniques and rhythm while keeping a high energy atmosphere.  They will be exploring both Jazz and ballet styles. This is our only class that starts at two.

Glee Class

Based on the hit TV show, this Glee class combines singing and choreography to a mash-up of upbeat songs.

Teen Theatre class

This is a class for the true triple threat. In this hour length class students will learn all the components involved in becoming a musical theatre performer. Lead by an outstanding and highly trained facility including Jeannie Wyse musical director and keyboardist for many shows around Canada including Mirvish and CBS’ smash hit “Over The Rainbow”. Students will use the first half of the year to learn and improve each discipline through classes in Vocal, Multiple dance styles, scene study and improvisation. The second half of the year will be used to work on our full length performance that will be performed on June 1st for the public. Don’t miss out and sing up today! Classes start Sept 17, 2013.


The Strength and flare of Jazz mixed with the beauty and elegance of ballet. Through the interpretation and emotion of the music this class develops a dancers control, core strength and balance.  Ballet and Jazz are a perfect pair with this class.


A fusion between classical styles of dance mixed with the influence of new and modern styles.  This class will challenge you to find your emotion, musicality and strength.

Don’t Forget to ask about our Adult Tap and Hip Hop fitness as well as our all boys classes.