R.A.D and PAEC Exams

RAD Ballet Exams

RAD Ballet is one of the most recognized forms across Canada, the United States¬† and all of Europe. Through the exams the dancers will go from the Pre-Primary Level to The Advanced and even Solo Seal Award Level. This is for the dancers on the competitive team. Through each level they will be asked to perform a number of exercises and skill sets in order to move on to a higher grade. This is to help improve all of our dancers’ technique.

PAEC Exams Jazz And Tap

Though relatively new to the Dance World, PAEC exams and Syllabi are quickly expanding and being introduced in new dance studios every day. Much as the Ballet exams, these exams will help improve a dancer’s overall skill set and technique. These are also for the Competitive Dancers. The grades go from Pre-Primary Level to the Pre-Professional Level. These exams are recognized throughout all of Canada and will guide the dancers into a career of dance whether it be teaching, performing or both.