Looking for dance lessons? Please visit our Uniform Guide and Policies and Guidelines for further information. Contact us to find out more about ballet classes at Toronto Dance Vibe.


This is an energetic class full of fun. Classes strive to improve flexibility and coordination. Courses are offered for ages 4+.


Rhythm and style are the foundations of a great tap class. Big Band to Funky Soul make for an energetic and fun tap class. Tap begins in Kinderdance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is choreographed to a variety of latest top 40 dance music. Many of today’s music videos use Hip Hop as their preferred style of dance. Hip Hop begins at age 7.


Ballet is recommended to compliment all forms of dance. Ballet instruction strengthens balance following a structured discipline. Lessons begin in Kinderdance.


This combination of dance and gymnastics strengthens flexibility while working on dance links. Classes are offered for ages 6+.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre allows students to express creativity through dance and theatre. Classes are offered for ages 7+.

Highland Dance

Dating back to before recorded history, the Highland dances of Scotland were originally highly athletic male dances of triumph, joy, and other reflections of emotion. Competitive Highland dancing as we know it began during the revival of interest in Highland culture during the 19th century. Women first began competing at the turn of the century. Highland dances require both athletic and artistic skill, and are danced both informally and in competition.

There are age classifications for the following groups:

  • The Highland Fling
  • The Sword Dance
  • The Seann Tribuhas

Competitive Program

Competition classes are offered in all disciplines of dance. Students in a competitive classes MUST also take a ballet class and a technique class (focus on flexibility and dance technique).

There are a minimum of 4 competitions per year in which all students MUST attend.

The competitive environment is a fun environment. Students are asked to be dedicated to their classes and to their teammates. In order for students to succeed at competition, they are required to attend all classes they are enrolled in. Failing to attend class WILL result in students being asked to leave the competitive team.

B.A.T.D Exams

In classes, B.A.T.D. (British Association of Teachers of Dancing) exam work is taught. During the year, students wishing to participate in exams are asked to attend extra classes. Students are not required to take exams, however we do strongly encourage this. Exam entry fees and class fees are required in order to participate. Exams offer a basis for class curriculum and can lead to students becoming teachers.